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Bail Bonds Agent Shoots A Bond Jumper

Bail Bonds News, Agent Shoots Man

The bail bonds business can be a business that is very dangerous and very risky in terms of going out and making arrest. The bail bonds process is set up so that people can get out of jail while trying to deal with their legal matters. The bail bonds process is set up and put in order so that there is someone to hold them accountable to getting to court and not running from the situation after they are released from jail. There is certainly a risk that bail bonds agents are taking when they sign a bond and put up money for someone to get out of jail. Each bond has to be looked at like it is a gamble and that they are going to be potential flight risks. Bondsmen have a job that can create lots of stress and can initiate disaster within an organization if one huge bond goes south.

With all of that said, we understand the risk we are taking in bail bonds and here in Sedgwick County, we are obviously allowed to open carry with Kansas laws. At A Second Chance Bail Bonds, we do not believe in the use of guns for our own particular agents. We use flashlights and taser guns if we need too. As a faith based organization, we do not believe that anyone’s life is worth any amount of money. We do not want to even come across a situation that puts a bail bonds agent at risk of shooting someone or put a client at risk of being shot at.

There is a story out of Oklahoma that bail bonds agent Chasity Carey was arrested recently for shooting one of her clients that she had on bond for $35,0000. She made the report herself and had called 9-1-1 stating she had shot Brandon James Williams who was 38 years old. When police arrived on the scene, Williams was already dead. This happened when Williams had come to the office of Chasity Carey and a dispute broke out. Carey has reported that the fight broke out in the bail bonds office and she used a gun in self-defense that she had sitting close by on her desk.

Reports from the cops say their was evidence to go ahead and book her into custody later on that evening at her home.

This is obviously a very bad situation for a bail bonds agency and for everyone involved. This is why we do not ever want to be in that situation and there is no grounds for guns on our premises or among our agents who are out hunting for our clients that skip court and run while out on bond. We do lift up the family of Chasity Carey and Brandon Williams in prayer.