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Bail Bonds Business Serving in Community

Bail Bonds is an outlet to serve Butler County, KS, Kansas

The Bail Bonds business has presented us with many of opportunities of serving in the community for those that we grow to love or come into our midst. Jesus Christ was the greatest leader to ever live and he was a servant. He was a King and he didn’t require a throne while he was down here on earth. It is such a crazy concept for others to grasp but really, it is easy to understand the heart of Jesus when you read about him. But even better, when you get to experience him here in the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. Bail Bonds has allowed us to open avenues that present living and working opportunities for those who wouldn’t typically be hired by the world we live in today. One of the guys from our house and myself loaded up in the bail bonds truck here in Butler County, KS, Kansas and headed over to a place called Helping Hands where we were able to watch an experience like never before. We got to stand back and watch as this couple picked out their furniture for their new place. That wasn’t the only great part about he experience, but there were about 20 people standing there ready to serve and help them move their furniture for them. It is amazing to see help in the community from so many like minded people. This is not so we can brag but more about boasting in God and what he allows us to do for others by the transformation he brought among us here at A Second Chance Bail Bonds. This was a picture of a new beginning for a couple and we were grateful to spend our Saturday morning serving them. The joy you get to see on someones face for that moment is something you cherish and look forward to each time you serve. Bail bonds opened this door and this outlet where we can be trusted by people and genuinely love on people who come from the most broken places. The best part about the experience was walking into their new home together and being able to stop and pray over them and their home. It is comfortable knowing that they are God’s hands and they can lean on him for all their needs.