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Bond Forfeitures and Deportation

Bail Bonds Industry and the Impact of Deportations

In this bail bonds industry, there are two sides to the business. We are trying to free individuals so they constitutionally have their freedom until they are proven innocent or guilty. The jails are over packed and crowded and that is not a good thing. Honestly, there truly are so many bogus cases today because one person simply wants to get another person in trouble. We have seen people go in on child molestation cases with everyone in the world prejudging them as if they were this horrible person. In the end, they turned out to be innocent and the parents had talked their children into making up lies against this person. Obviously, those parents are now the ones guilty of charges and not the person that was sitting in jail with $100,000 bond. I am stating all of this to let you understand that everyone has an opinion and a judgement but they were not there. Bail Bonds can be a really tough business because of the scrutiny that comes with the business of getting criminals out of jail. Yet, when it is convenient for them, they want to stand up and talk about their constitutional rights as Americans.

I give that perspective to let you understand that we are in this business to help people obtain freedom in America and continue being in society. This job comes with putting up large amounts of money such as $100,000 or $50,000. There has recently been changes made and there have been more aggressive attempts to take illegal immigrants back to their countries. As a bondsman, we do not have that information upfront. There is automatically usually a BICE hold put on them so that there cannot be a bond. There have been some cases throughout the bail bonds industry where some people have been bonded out and then they are deported into their countries. This has recently caused some strife and problems in the bail bonds business. If they are deported into a country then by our own government then it is little hard to get them to show up to their court date. I am just speaking logic here so please don’t take me the wrong way, I am just stating the predicament that is happening that is then putting both parties in a bind here.

So, with all of this happening in the bail bonds industry. It has made us a little more skeptical of who to bond and not to bond and it has made us tighten up the leash on who we are bonding so that we do not run into further problems. There are multiple bail bonds companies that are facing the possibility of losing money because of those that have been deported. Now, there is difference between those who have been deported and those that leave the country freely. Those who up and leave on their own free will should have to be paid off and that is one hundred percent understandable that the bondsman should have to bring them back or pay the bond off. If you have a bond that is forfeited and that person has left the country under their own recognize then it is the bondsman liability. When the the person is deported, now there are different parts that are contradicting each other. You can’t bring somebody back into the United States that was forced out of the country.

Once again, we are in this business to help get people out and get them their freedom while they fight their case. We also understand our obligation to making sure that individuals get to court after they have been bonded and we have no problem doing that. We have and will continue to do our job to the best of our ability and we are praying that their is some kind of resolution on what is happening with these deportations. We don’t disagree with anything that is going on, we just find it hard to do our job efficiently when there are big consequences on our behalf if someone gets deported that we did not know was illegal upfront.