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Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages?

can bail bonds garnish wages

If you owe an unpaid debt to a bail bond company, they will not be able to immediately start garnishing your wages. A bail bonds company will have to open a lawsuit first. The suit will receive a civil judgment and then they will be given the option to garnish your wages.

A bail bonds company will need to prove that you owe them money and then give you the chance to respond to a summons in court.

  • The original contract
  • The evidence of the debt
  • Their right to recover it from the contract

….must all be presented.

The legal requirements to garnish wages vary from state to state, but you can often fill out an agreement if you show up in court and work out a deal for repayment. When you fail to show up to court the bail bonds company will be able to set the garnishment amount and then automatically withdrawal the given amount to work at recovering their debt.

If you owe money to a bail bonds company and you have been summoned to a court of law, make sure that you are able to negotiate your case so that you can avoid unexpected charges.