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Can You Bail Someone Out On The Weekend

can you bail someone on the weekend

Can You Bail Someone Out On The Weekend

It really depends on the crime and the past history of the person needing to be bailed out. The busiest periods for arrest tend to be during the weekends, where the majority of people tend to be out having fun.

Most of the arrests that occur on weekends are an outcome of going out for a drink with friends at night.

There are specific crimes that have a set bail fee (referred to as the bail schedule).

If the offender meets all the conditions as may be required, they can usually be bailed and released over the weekend.

On the other hand, if they are required to see a judge in order to set bail as a result of crime that might be evaluated as unusual or violent, or if the person has criminal history; the person would have to wait until the judge is able to assess them to set bail.

Have a friend, or a family member or loved one is in jail over the weekend?

In order to get bail, all you need to provide would be the defendant’s name, booking number, & location – and we can determine whether or not the person can be bailed out for you.

You can reach out to us as we are dedicated to helping people in times of difficult situations and believe everyone deserves a second chance. We deal with the criminal justice system on a consistent basis, so we have many years of experience that can help handle difficult cases with respect to arrest situations.

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