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Do You Get Your Bail Money Back If Found Guilty

do you get your bail money back

Do You Get Your Bail Money Back If Found Guilty?

If you went through a bondsman, the bondsman is taking the risk for you by putting down the full bail amount and only charging you a small % of the total amount; in the case you used a bondsman you will not get your bail money back. If you paid your full bail amount yourself, then you will get your bail money returned.

When you are charged with a crime…

you can post a bail which is an amount that will be set by a court to serve as security. Once paid, this will temporarily help effect your release from jail until the very day set for the case to be handled in court proceeding.

The bail amount can be paid by the defendant by cash, bail bond or property. See what kind of collateral can be used for bail.

This bail bond offers some kind of legal guarantee to the court, with assurance that the defendant will be available during the court procedures, and if he or she fails to appear, such bail amount will be paid to the court.

The defendant, family member or an acquaintance can help post bail at court or can be done through a bondsman.

Difference Between Paying The Bond Yourself & Using A Bondsman

Here are some points that can help you find out if you’ll be able to get your money back.

Once bail bond has been paid, you would have to wait to get your money back until the case is over. During the court proceeding, you would have to be found guilty, or be acquitted and charges against you dropped before you can think of getting your bail money back.

If the bail amount was paid directly to the court, the court will gladly pay you back the bail amount that was posted even when found guilty at the end of day. However – if you paid a certain fee through a bondsman, the bail money won’t be paid back to you. See how bail bonds work.

In conclusion, it means that if the bail amount was paid fully by you or your loved one, the court will fully refund the entire amount back to you; and if on the other hand – you paid a percentage of the bail amount to a bondsman; you will only lose the premium fee you paid.