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Entrepreneurship and The Bail Bonds Business

A Second Chance Bail Bonds in Butler County, KS, Kansas

I can remember always growing up and wondering what it meant to be an entrepreneur. I truly had no idea what business meant or what entrepreneurship was. Bail bonds is a business that definitely gives you no set schedule and opens up the door for you to fill your time up with more than just writing bonds and chasing people. The bail bonds business is a serious business where investors are putting up big chunks of money so people can gain their freedom to fight their cases. It wasn’t until I started in the bail bonds business that I even understood the bail bonds process or what business really was. Bail bonds immediately made me grow up and I understood that I was putting someone else’s money at risk every time I wrote a bond. What I came to find out quick, there is so much more in bail bonds than just writing bonds and chasing people.

It is a lucrative schedule as I have previously talked about. I don’t personally do much else expect for running an interlock business and then I love to be involved with Ministry. I am a simple guy who comes from a long background of nothing and it wasn’t until the owners of A Second Chance Bail Bonds gave me a chance that I understood what it was like to actually run a business. It is amazing to sit back and watch them create opportunities for others to grow. It is amazing to see them put their faith in God and then help open avenues of revenue for those who have never truly experienced it. It is amazing to watch the owners of A Second Chance Bail Bonds be such a blessing to so many people. The thing about it, they can open the door and then it is up to someone else to take the leap and then run with the opportunity they have been given. For me, I found it simple to sit back and let the process work itself and not get in the way. Obviously, they knew how to run business and most importantly, they believed in Jesus Christ. So I knew, all I had to do was play my part and trust that they had my best interest at hand. Bail bonds was something that was near and dear to them because it was an outlet that God allowed into their life so that they could show others the same love Christ gave them. I have watched other companies get started and I have watched the ministry grow since coming around because of the way they know how to run business. Not only did they give me a shot to come in the office and start working for them, they groomed me into a business owner with them and also a business partner in bail bonds.

What I am trying to get at, bail bonds has opened the door to be apart of so much in the Kingdom of God. We are literally right in the middle of the junk that is going on in this country. We get to be in the pit of the system doing our best to help people and build people up. It is not all what it is built up to be if you are not conditioned for what it comes with. I do believe that God has to be the foundation of everything that we are doing or it will fail immediately. I believe that the dedication, commitment, and faith at A Second Chance Bail Bonds is what makes this whole thing possible. I am just one person with one belief but I know the hearts of the owners and that they want anyone to follow Jesus Christ with their whole heart. We are a business and at the end of the day, we want people that walk into our bail bonds office to know that we love Jesus Christ. We are all imperfect people on his perfect mission. It is Jesus Christ alone who perfects the mission and as long as we can do our little part in his amazing story then we can move forward on the great commission. Because bail bonds is such a spontaneous business, we are able to have an office for our ignition interlock inside the bail bonds office. So check out our services and give us a call, even if it is for prayer.