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Halstead, KS Best Bail Bonds Service Staff

If you are in Halstead KS, and need to bond yourself or someone out, call us. We’ll even come and pick you up anywhere near Halstead. We see a need where we feel that we can help. With no hesitation, call us at (316) 744-5808

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We’re more than just a few people, our team is not just the people that work here but the people that get help through us, which we treat like family.

What Are Bounty Hunters Legally Allowed To Do

In Kansas, bounty hunting is a legal profession, and the state does not require bounty hunters to hold a license.

A bounty hunter, or an “agent of a surety” or “surety agent” (as identified in the Kansas administrative code), is not required to be licensed in Kansas. However,  they must meet certain qualifications and should follow the recommended process in order to be able to  locate and capture fugitives. Read more here.

How Much Does It Cost To Bail Someone Out Of Jail?

We’ve been helping people in and around Halstead get a bail bond for years. If you need a payment plan, we can work with you and maybe even work with the court.

The amount of the bail bond is based on…

  • The seriousness of the charges
  • A person’s record
  • The probability of the person showing up for the court date

How Long Does It Take?

Normally, arrests that happen during day time will take 2 to 4 hours after bail process is completed. In a scenario that the crime committed is more serious, they usually wait until the next business day for the arraignment. However, an arrest late at night or on the weekend can often require a wait until the next morning.

We can usually handle everything on the first call, and can take credit card over the phone.

Faith Based Business Built on Honesty, Integrity & Trust – For Halstead

We will work with you through all phases of the legal process. We are here to help. We care about you and your family not only getting your loved one or friend out of jail but also to help and assist in any way we can to avoid the same situation in the future.

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