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How Long Does It Take To Bail Someone Out

how long to bail someone out of jail

How Long Does It Take To Bail Someone Out Of Jail

It depends. The length of time to bail out a defendant normally varies based on the time of the arrest and the charge involved.

Preset bail amounts for variety of cases are available in Kansas, particularly misdemeanors.  The defendant can get out once the booking process has been completed and cash has been posted or a bail bond agent is already handling the process.

Daytime Arrests Can Take As Little As 2-4 Hours

Normally, arrests that happen during day time will take 2 to 4 hours after bail process is completed. In a scenario that the crime committed is more serious, they usually wait until the next business day for the arraignment. However, an arrest late at night or on the weekend can often require a wait until the next morning. If the bail amount is too high for the defendant to afford it,  a bail hearing usually occurs within the 24 hours of the arraignment.