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Is Bail Money Refundable?

is bail money refundable

Is Bail Money Refundable?

Bail bond money is refundable so long as you show up in court for your hearing. The court may take a small fee of about 3% of your refund, depending on the state. If you paid a bail bonds service, then you do not get a refund of the 10% service fee that the bail bonds company charges.

The money a bail bonds company gets is a service fee for putting up the full bail amount on your behalf. So if you have a $20,000 bail bond, you will pay the bondsman $2,000 and the bondsman puts up the full $20,000 to the court for you. The bondsman is taking a big risk, because if you do not show up for court, the bondsman will not get a refund for their $20,000. They will then come looking for you to collect the money, and if you have a co-signer or signed on a bail bond for a friend or family member, they will come for you as well.

Bail bondsman employs bounty hunters, who don’t have to follow ordinary police procedure with tracking people down and re-arresting people who have skipped court and have a warrant.

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