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My Prayer for The Bail Bonds Business

A Second Chance Bail Bonds In Butler County, KS, Kansas

I am inviting you to join me today in prayer for the bail bonds business. I can honestly look back on my journey and my walk and say that it might of been prophesied for me to be in the bail bonds business. It is honestly a blessing to be in such a position to go back and tell people about the great news of Jesus Christ. I think it is true that each and everyone of us at A Second Chance Bail Bonds understands the true depths of what it means to get a 2nd chance at life. There is not a single one of us that is perfect walking this earth but there was one person who was perfect and his name is Jesus Christ. We have been broken inside and outside and we have completely given our lives to Christ. He will never fail us. We are weak, and our flesh does fail us but our God will never fail or forsake us. We invite is Spirit to continuously fall upon our business and the lives that we get to touch. From us, we firmly believe that God is in all that we are doing. He is the cornerstone that everything is built on in our lives and we want to pray more boldly today for our bail bonds industry and the movement of it. We truly want to see differences made in the lives of the inmates that are getting bailed out of jail but we want to see other bondsman and bail bonds agents come to know your faithfulness and goodness Jesus! You have sent us to do work for You in the Kingdom of God and You have called us out of utter darkness so we can be a light for You in the darkness. I am boldly asking that more hearts in the bail bonds industry and more hearts in the bail bonds community be transformed to spread Your love. I am asking today that it is Your will that be done in the lives of those running bail bonds businesses and that more and more focus on truly be on helping lives be transformed for the Your glory. If you are not in it Jesus then we want nothing to do with it. We are believing that You are in it, we feel like we have seen the fruits of Your works in it and we are asking for a bigger growth at A Second Chance Bail Bonds and make it too where bail bonds is a very well known ministry on the outside of the walls of the jail and inside the walls of the jail. If it is not of Your will then we boldly pray that You give us vision to line up with exactly what Your will is for the bail bonds business and how we can make an impact that leaves Your everlasting impression. Let this broken city become whole again because You are perfect Jesus! Remove the depths of addiction and remove the chains and bondage from those who have felt nothing but oppression their whole life. We are asking for an awaking among Your children Jesus and asking that You bring them into their calling and up out of the utter darkness. I am asking that You reveal yourself to them today Jesus. I am asking that You awaken us where we are blind as leaders in Your Kingdom so that we are in your presence and will more. The bail bonds business has given us such a platform to spread your goodness and love to others. Build us up more father God and bring more to us for Your Glory Jesus Christ. Let us be such a light in the bail bonds business that everyone else has to question what they are doing in the business. Make A Second Chance Bail Bonds such a light that there is no question about Your presence when people even hear that we are involved in bonding them out of jail. Thank you Jesus for Your love and Your guidance in our lives and in business. Let Your will be done Jesus ! In Your mighty name, AMEN!