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Should they stop Bail Bonds altogether?

There are many civil rights groups who are coming together who are trying to come against the bail bonds industry and trying to move America toward strictly relying on the cash bail system. There is an activist by the name of Udi Ofer who is a deputy national political director at the the American Civil Liberties Union. He is under the impression that it is a system that preys on the poor and fuels mass incarceration when it fact, it is the complete opposite. The bail bonds process allows those who need to get out jail the capacity to do so without having to have the full 10% most of the time, whereas, if you were to change it to a cash bond, there would be no way that more people who be getting out of jail because 90% of the bonds we do, people do not have the full 10%. We have to set people up on payment plans and then the payment plan is always fair and low enough so that they can afford it. There are some legislation lawsuits and judicial orders for the reformers that have seen victories happen all across the country. It is focusing on trying to only keep the most dangerous people locked up before their trials are set to begin. It is an algorithm-based risk assessment tool that helps judges make a decision on who should remain in jail. I would say there are things that they are missing that is so much more basic. They don’t understand the depths of an addicts need to have that accountability or how important it is to have someone else holding them accountable to getting to court. Eliminating the bail bonds industry is going to endanger the public more, cost more taxpayers money, and it violates the constitution of guaranteeing a bail. Now you are leaving the decision all in the power of the government which gives them power of preventative detention. I feel like the problem is what they arrest and detain people on. If they really want to prevent mass incarceration then they need to look into the offenses that have presumption of arrest. The problem is not bail bonds because bail bonds does help the defendant and the courts at the same time. There is major accountability.

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