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Should You Bail Someone Out Of Jail?

should you bail someone out of jail

Bailing someone out of jail can be a big decision because if the person misses their court date, you are held liable for the full amount of the bond if you paid a bail bondsman. If a person is facing jail time, having the ability to walk free during the time of their trial can help them to get their affairs in order and make appropriate arrangements if they do face jail time. Posting bail can also make sure a person can still go to work, still care for family members, and more.

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to bail someone out of jail is to make sure that they can work on their defense. It can be extremely difficult to meet with a lawyer on the inside of a jail or speak in private.

Making sure that a person can discuss the details of their case freely and choose legal representation that can suit the needs of their case can be important. Posting bail could mean the difference between winning and losing a trial for a conviction.

If the person you are bailing out of jail has…

  • prior arrest records
  • a history of the missing court
  • bad credit
  • or you just don’t feel like they will make that court date

…then maybe think twice about posting the money.  Or, try to find other options for them. Most bail companies will work with people on payment options, or collateral (like holding onto a car, boat, or home title, or even jewelry or other valuables).