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We’ll Help You Get Your Loved One Out Of Jail

Bail bonds in Butler County, KS, Kansas is naturally competitive but we promise you that we can help you get your loved one out of jail at a low cost so you don’t drown in the process of already sinking. Let us keep you floating!

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We learn when we are able to hear! Most of the time we shut off too what others have to say because we think we know best through our own logical way of thinking. We are a bail bonds business trying to help change the way the industry is seen. We want to help others learn while we learn.



We care about our Butler County, KS, Kansas community and this year is going to be a year to see more lives changed. These inmates at Sedgwick County need structure when they get out of jail and need family when they get out of jail. We are affordable because people deserve the right to get out of jail without it making them come out of pocket all at once.

>We are a 24 hour business. Make sure you choose A Second Chance Bail Bonds as your bonding company in 2019! (316)722-5245